Company Formation in Malta


Malta is a small island washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Malta joined the European Union in 2004 and became a part of the Eurozone in 2008. 

Malta has one of the most extensive lists of double taxation prevention treaties (with more than sixty countries). 

One of the notable features of Malta is that this jurisdiction allows for the re-domicile of companies (into Malta and from Malta). Of course, re-domicile is possible only if all the requirements of this procedure are met. 

The standard corporate tax rate in Malta is 35%. However, under certain conditions, the effective rate can be reduced to 0% -10%. 

Malta is a perfect place for any type of activity with wide range of opportunities. It is relatively easy to obtain VAT in Malta, which makes the jurisdiction attractive for those who need VAT to conduct their business. 

In addition to standard activities, Malta is famous for the possibility of obtaining gambling licenses, as well as licenses for the provision of financial services (payment, or Forex license). 

A company in Malta can be opened remotely. It is possible to use not only corporate shareholders, but also corporate Directors. However, we suggest to seek for our advice as to the correct structuring of the company! 

Maltese companies are required to maintain accounting records and submit audited accounts. In addition, if the company is registered for VAT, VAT returns are also required. The VAT reporting period (month, quarter) depends on the number of transactions. Our accountants can help you with compliance with all regulatory requirements.