To avoid criminal liability, know your client.

Let us offer you an easy and quick check of your business partner, or client. Save your staff’s time and let them work on their direct duties.

All you need is to provide us your business partner’s name, or your client’s (individual) name, surname, year of birth, and you will get a risk assessment certificate.

Fee for a check of an individual – EUR 10 + VAT Fee for a check of a legal person (Latvian company) including information on the beneficial owners or shareholders – EUR 25 + VAT

Do you wish to know everything about your foreign business partner? We can check your business partner no matter from which part of the world he is. We can provide information on shareholders or beneficial owners and check all the above persons in sanction’s & PEP’s lists, so you know who you work with, which is important as per AML regulation.

Fee for 1 legal person (non-resident of Latvia) check – starting from EUR 75 + VAT (fee depends on company’s jurisdiction).

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