Get your company in Singapore at a FAIR price!

Получи свою компанию в Сингапуре по СПРАВЕДЛИВОЙ цене

Singapore is rightfully considered one of the most developed and technologically advanced business centers in the world. This country is keen to attract foreign investment, which is why it has acquired the best qualities that resulted in balanced conditions for doing business. Why balanced? It’s simple. By purchasing a company in Singapore you don’t get a classic offshore company benefiting from zero tax rate regime and a full absence of any obligations, instead you get fair conditions for conducting your business.

A bit about the pros:

  1. The territorial tax system, which means absence of tax liabilities for income earned outside of Singapore. And even if your company will be taxed in Singapore, the income tax rate is relatively low for the Asian region.
  2. Preferential regimefor small and medium-sized businesses.
  3. A completely “white”jurisdiction welcomed by the EU Banks.
  4. No language barrier, English is used as the official language of communication.
  5. Along with favorable conditions for taxation of profits, Singapore does not have a tax on dividends and capital gains.

In addition to the advantages mentioned, BPI Finance gives the customers the opportunity to avoid paying a mandatory deposit for using a Singapore resident director (a prerequisite). By registering a company with us, you only pay for registration and related services without making a deposit, which makes our fee most attractive.

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