Montenegro is a small sovereign state in the South-East of Europe, which is primarily known as a popular tourist destination. 

To date, Montenegro is a member of NATO, and plans to join the EU before 2025. In addition, Montenegro is a member of numerous international organizations. 

Since 2002, the national currency has been the Euro (EUR). Montenegro signed an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation with 42 countries. 

For entrepreneurs, Montenegro is interesting because of the favorable tax regime for companies and individuals, as well as relatively low costs of Company registration and business organization. 

Montenegro is not included in any black list, which makes the country attractive for planning of international business. 

The Company registered in Montenegro is ideal for both trade and service provision. 

You can register a Company remotely, but there are several factors to consider: 

  1. The Director must come to Montenegro to open an account in person (it is impossible to open an account remotely, based on a power of attorney). Alongside with a corporate account, you can open a personal account too; 
  2. If a foreign person is appointed as the Company Director, it is necessary to obtain a residence permit in order to employ him. All necessary paperwork can be done during the first stay; 
  3. To obtain a residence permit, it is also necessary to plan a visit to Montenegro. 

We offer a turnkey solution that includes company registration, opening an account and obtaining a residence permit. If necessary, we can help with the organization of accounting.