Company Registration in Latvia

Registration of a company in Latvia is an excellent solution for those who plan to conduct their business in Latvia and in other EU countries. 

Transactions between EU countries are subject to 0% VAT. 

High-quality labor force in Latvia is much cheaper comparing to other EU countries. 

The geographical position of Latvia is advantageous for the development of exports to other Baltic countries, to the East and to other EU countries.  

Why Latvia

  1. Latvia is part of the European Union and Eurozone, as well as a member of NATO. Due to its favorable geographical location between the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe, Latvia is a great place to start a business. 
  2. Latvia has concluded more than fifty agreements (conventions) with countries on avoidance of double taxation. This Convention allows to prevent double taxation of income and profit or to apply a lower tax rate. 
  3. The corporate tax rate is 25%, but this tax is applied only to distributed profits. If the company’s profit is reinvested, the tax is not paid. 
  4. The company can be established by a natural or legal person, both resident or non-resident of Latvia. Remote registration of the company is possible. However, at least one visit is required to open a Bank account or to meet with the tax authorities. 
  5. Latvia’s strength is its labor market. Potential employees are well educated and most of them speak at least three languages – Latvian, Russian and English 

What we offer

For doing business in Latvia

Registration of companies

Registration of companies (preparation and submission of documents, preparation of documents for changes in the company’s structure, consultations).

Information and documents

We order various documents and certificates from institutions (Register of enterprises, State Revenue Service, etc.), we organize notarial signing of documents and apostille if necessary.


We assist in opening accounts in Banks and payment platforms all over the world.

Customer support

Accompanying the client to the notary and the State Revenue Service.


We help to find recruitment specialists.


Tax, legal advice.


Accounting and record keeping services.

ALL inclusive

We provide full support for the development and maintenance of your business.

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