Georgia Company Registration

Georgia Company Registration

The country is located on the post-Soviet area. The national currency is Georgian Lari; the national language is Georgian. 

Georgia is an attractive destination to those entrepreneurs who want to register a company in a jurisdiction that offers the most favorable regime of taxation and minimum requirements for accounting/reporting. 

Georgian company registered in one of the free industrial zones of Georgia (today, there are three such zones: Kutaisi, Tbilisi and Poti), includes several advantages. First, FIZ companies are exempt from the following taxes: 

  • corporate tax; 
  • tax on dividends and interest on activities; 
  • VAT (NB!) For import/export transactions from and into Georgia, a VAT rate of 4% is applied); 
  • tax for property and land located on the territory of the FIZ. 

Secondly, the Company can be used for almost any activity: for trade; own production; services; logistics; consulting; IT, etc. 

Third, we can help to open an account without hindrance.

FIZ Companies are not required to file reports, however, we strongly recommend that you keep accounting, which will raise the prestige of the Company in the eyes of the Bank. 

You can register a Company and open a Bank account (upon a condition the company is structured accordingly) remotely. However, a personal visit to the Bank is required to change the account signatory.